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AUDIO Movie Reviews: "The Monuments Men", "Lego Movie"

Theaters are starting to pickup with more new releases.  This week, Hap Erstein with  PalmBeachArtsPaper.com gives us his reviews of the latest movies.


"The Monuments Men"- George Clooney directs and stars in this post-World War II film about a team of art experts recruited to bring back items stolen by Hitler's army.  Matt Damon and John Goodman are among the other members of the cast.

"Lego Movie" - Just as it sounds, all your children's favorite Lego characters come to life in a movie that's also available in 3D.

"Vampire Academy" - If your teen liked the "Twilight", they might enjoy this.

Hap's Art House Pick of the Week

"The Last of the Unjust"


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